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You are Lord Moonlight, on a pseudo 3D type world amongst the stars.
You must recruit the Celestial Lords, absorb their power, complete a number of quests, and defeat the Dark Lord Gargantua.
The Dark Lord is also trying to recruit the Lords, absorb their power and create a Black Hole to destroy them. 
If he can convert all of the Lords before you destroy him, the black hole will be created and all of the stars will be lost forever.

The new Equatorial star map is 50% larger than previous maps (nearly 15000 locations).
Now there are over 75 Lords to visit and convert.
A new semi real time feature has been added, which can be enabled, disabled or adjusted from the star map.
When enabled, the clock will advance automatically as will all spawns, friendly and enemy units. 
This timer will pause in front of a statue or Lord, or at the end of the day.

You can only recruit a Lord if your power is greater than theirs.
If Lord Gargantua has converted a Lord into a foe, you must first absorb his power, and then convert him back to your friend.

You now have the ability to build power plants, factories, towers and vehicles. These include;
Static Pulse towers which target enemy clones and spawns
Static Plasma towers which target enemy droids and bots
Mobile Shields which target enemy clones and converts enemy spawns into friendly spawns
Mobile Drones which target enemy droids and bots
Power plant gives you extra 500 power each day per plant
Factory builds shields and drones. One of each type per day 
Do not surround yourself with units, as you cannot move through them until they are gone

Enemy Lords can now create vehicles, which include;

Mobile clones which target your shields, and can convert your spawns into dark spawns
Mobile droids which target your towers
Mobile bots which target your shields and drones
Mobile Hunters which hunt you down and take your power from a distance. Only you can destroy these.

All Lords have special powers which you can absorb. These include;

Ability to travel faster during storms (speed)
Ability to use a plasma cannon to destroy all dark spawns in range (plasma)
Ability to shield power from being absorbed (shields)
Ability to absorb dark spawn power when you destroy them (absorb)
Ability to convert dark spawns to friendly spawns and clones to shields (Convert)
Ability to teleport to quest location (quest) can only be used once until you regain that power from a lord
Upgrade to your weapon from Pulse Cannon to Plasma Burst (plasma). With this you absorb all spawn powers destroyed
Ability to teleport to a random location (teleport) . This ability uses 500 power each time it is used.
A special abilities button is available if you gain the ability of teleporting or converting (below time of day indicator)

Touch the right edge of the screen to turn clockwise.
Touch the left edge of the screen to turn counter clockwise.
Touch the top part of the screen to move forwards.
Touch the compass to move backwards.
Moving forwards or backwards takes one hour of day time, or two hours during rain, snow or dark matter storms.

Touch the Lord or a Statue directly in front of you to talk to them.
Touch the control buttons in the center to talk to the Lords or end the current day.
Touch the Star Map to display the stars and provide further options.
Touch the edges of the Star Map to scroll around the map.
Above the star map icon is now a target build icon
Touch this to enable the build feature. You can only build on an empty space directly in front of you

The World:
Friendly spawns released by friendly Lords. These follow you and destroy dark spawns.
Dark spawns which are released by unfriendly Lords.
These spawns hunt you down and if not absorbed will sap your own power.
A HUD warning radar will display spawns and units when they approach you. (green friendly, red unfriendly)
A new pulse cannon control can be pressed and held to destroy dark spawns and enemies from a distance.
This weapon can be upgraded to a Plasma Burst to destroy all dark spawns on the HUD radar or one enemy vehicle
Both weapons use some of your power when used (pulse 50, plasma 100)
If you have ability convert, to revert back to pulse cannon touch the convert special ability button

Also on this world are various celestial objects that can aid or hinder you in your quest.
Worm hole statues will teleport you instantly to a random part of the world if you walk into, or back into them.
Random Quasars will slip back time a few hours if they are directly in front, or directly behind you.
Random Pulsars give extra power but bring night closer if they are directly in front, or directly behind you.
Star Spires and Power Grids absorb some of your power if they are directly in front, or directly behind you.
Star Columns can give you some power if you they are directly in front, or directly behind you. 
But this takes time, and time is against you.

Celestial Statues can give you a random quest. The rewards for these quests include;

Gaining extra power for yourself
Reducing the Dark Lord Gargantuas power
Converting all unfriendly Lords back to neutral Lords
Destroying all dark spawns throughout the world
Giving some power to all your friends
Matching Gargantuas power to your own

The weather can also reduce your travel during the day, rain, snow and dark matter storms will hinder your journey.
Dark matter storms will drain your power as you walk through them, unless you have shields.

At the end of the day, all Lords including yourself, receive an additional charge of power.
Lord Gargantua uses this power to recruit other Lords and absorb their power.
Dark Spawns are then released from unfriendly Lords.
Friendly spawns are also released from friendly Lords.

Use the Star Map to search for the Lords and avoid the power grids.

You have the following options on the Star Map:
Play the game
Start a New Game. Gives you option for normal or random start position
Change the Difficulty level during the game. 
(Easier gives you extra power, reduces the Dark Lords ability to recharge quicker, & reduces the number of quests required)
(Harder gives the Dark Lord a greater charge each night)
Save your progress.
Load a previously saved progress.
Adjust the Turn time, to enable faster or slower semi real time update of the days and minutes within the game.
Quit - You can quit the game and let the Dark Lord be Victorious.
Guide - displays this guide

Install instructions

Download apk and install as normal


LOM_ECL_1V04.apk 16 MB
LOM_ECL_1V04.exe 50 MB

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Hey this is a great little demo. A bit short but does let you see what you are getting if you get the full game. Lots to think about, and a huge map to explore. Watch out for the power grids lol. Gonna try the full game now as it's just up my street